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Clinical workshops:

Primary and Revision Gastric Bypass with the MiniMIZER RING

Dr. Pieter Broos
Dr. Evert-Jan Boerma

21-22 September 2023, Heerlen (The Netherlands)
24-25 October 2023, Heerlen (The Netherlands)
20-21 November 2023, Heerlen (The Netherlands)

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Workshop Heerlen Sep2023   –   Workshop Heerlen Oct2023   –   Workshop Heerlen Nov2023

Banded RYGB Workshop


  • Primary Banded RYGB operations RYGB
  • Pouch Size Revisions, with addition of the MiniMIZER Gastric RING
  • Presentation on revision of RYGB, The Algorithm of Choices

26 October 2023, Brugge (Belgium)

More information:
Banded RYGB Workshop Brugge Oct2023

MiniMizer Ring comes to Latin America

It was a great pleasure to come to Chile and perform the first Banded Gastric Bypass procedures done with the Minimizer Gastric Ring in Latin America with Dr Juan Eduardo Contreras Paraguez and his great OR team. Together with Dr Luc Lemmens these surgeries went great and the patients are back on their weight loss journey.

MiniMizer Gastric Ring

In banded gastric bypass and banded gastric sleeve a non-adjustable gastric ring should be used which should be easy to place. more

Minimizer Adjustable Gastric Band

The MiniMizer Adjustable Gastric Band comes in two modalities. With and without suture loops. Both have two closing positions and allow for easy placement around the stomach. more


Banded Gastric Bypass, Banded Sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric Banding. more