minimizer gastric ring

In banded gastric bypass and banded sleeve a non-adjustable gastric ring could be used which should be easy to place, have the correct size for that particular patient, should be visible on X-ray and be safe. 
With that in mind and based on the experience of having seen many banded bypasses with various surgeons, Bariatric Solutions developed the MiniMIZER Gastric RING.

Easy retrogastric placement

A blunt needle is placed in the dark blue tip facilitating easy retrogastric placement (see video 1&2).

Video 1: Banded Gastric Bypass (Dr. Ribeiro)

Video 2: Banded Sleeve – Placement of the ring. (Prof. Dr. Karcz)

4 closing positions

The ring has 4 closing positions (see fig. 1) enabling the surgeon to close the ring at 6,5 – 7,0 – 7,5 – 8,0cm. It also allows for going back from small to larger sizes with a special manoeuvre (see video).

Fig. 1: 4 closing positions

Colour and Visibility

Because of its blue colour it can easily be found back in revision surgery and it does not flare.

The ring is visible on X-ray due to the bariumsulphate with which the medical grade silicone is mixed (see fig. 2).

Fig. 2: X-ray of bypass with MiniMIZER RING (courtesy Dr. Focquet, Dr. Mathyssen)

Video 3: Banded Sleeve – How to open the ring. (Prof. Dr. Karcz)

Adjust the size postoperatively
and Fixation loops

When the pulling lid is left in place with all closing positions, one can even adjust the size postoperatively without having to place a new ring (see video 3).

The fixation loops provide an anchorpoint to fix the ring in place which prevents it from slipping (see video 2).




Slightly elastic

Last, but not least, the MiniMIZER RING is slightly elastic, being therefore more forgiving than various other rings.

Fig. 3: Banded Bypass 3D CT scan (courtesy Prof. Dr. Karcz)

The above described features have made the MiniMIZER RING the world’s leading device for banded bypass and banded sleeve, and subsequently has been selected as the device of choice for various randomised controlled trials.

When you have one or more patients who would apply for a banded bypass or a banded sleeve, either because of weight regain, dumping syndrome, or simply because you want the best results for your patients, Bariatric Solutions is happy to send one of its partners to assist you during the first procedure(s).

You can contact us through or by telephone at  +31 653 11 44 72.



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