“Banded OAGB/MGB appears to be a safe and effective operation for the morbidly obese. It is durable, with good weight loss extending out to 11 years post-surgery”


Dr. M. Booth

History of the Banded OAGB/MGB

The mini-gastric bypass procedure was first performed in 1997, as a modification of the standard Billroth II procedure. A mini gastric bypass creates a long narrow tube of the stomach along the lesser curvature. A loop of the small gut is brought up and hooked to the pouch at about 180 cm from the ligament of Treitz.

Since then, multiple reports have documented OAGB/MGB as a therapy in the treatment of morbid obesity. Since the first years the procedure has gained popularity and a number of concerns have risen, especially regarding acid reflux and dumping syndrome.

The placement of a MiniMizer Gastric Ring around the upper segment of the OAGB/MGB will limit the volume of food intake and will slow down the passage of food and prevent dilatation of the pouch distal to the ring in the long term. The ring will help in maintaining the patient’s weight and can potentially prevent dumping syndrome.

Publications on Banded OAGB/MGB

So far, several studies have been published by Sheikh et al and Cazzo et al, these studies have demonstrated that Banded OAGB/MGB is feasible and safe. Average EWL after 11 years was 84% (sheikh et al), which can be regarded as a very successful result.

Further studies regarding the use of gastric rings are required to evaluate the ideal level of placement of the ring and to compare banded MGB/OAGB with its non-banded adversary in a randomized controlled trial setting.



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