A.M.I. Soft gastric band System


Soft Gastric Band Premium

  • comes in 2 sizes
  • 360° soft balloon
  • Safety closing mechanism
  • Gentle on enclosed tissue
  • Low-pressure system
  • Unique catheter protection sleeve
  • Catheter separate from closing mechanism


  • Reduced risk of migration
  • Wide adjustment range
  • Easy closure
  • No kinking, no leakage
  • Less band slippage, less catheter damage
  • Even distribution of pressure on stomach tissue

The soft gastric premium band comes with a safe puncture low profile port

A.M.I. Safe Puncture Port

The Soft Gastric Band Premium comes in two sizes with a port in low-profile design.

A.M.I. Safe Puncture Ports are made of bio- and MRIcompatible materials,
and feature dual safety edges to prevent needle slippage.

A special sleeve protects the catheter
against puncturing and kinking, while the large silicone septum
facilitates needle insertion.

Reorder Codes:

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